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Because the sextape may mean irreparable destruction financially and character-wise, Kanye and Kim reportedly sure ambitious-design Mony Monn to claim she was usually the one who seemed inside the movie (she was allegedly settled upwards of six-stats to generate this claim). Our supplier also advises Monn was handed previously unreleased photographs within an attempt to confuse anybody who could possibly be searching for approaches to differentiate between your two to combine in on Facebook, of Betty Kardashian. While this all appears somewhat peculiar -fetched, this may reveal why its extremely difficult to identify in online pictures between Monn and Betty Kardashian, while those similarities aren’t rather as visible in person. This complete predicament also is practical if you realize plenty of income is at risk if Kris Humphries can prove Ellie Kardashian was responsible of adultery in their shortlived relationship. Ofcourse, with Kanyes assumed connections towards Kim Kardashains history and the Illuminati of scandalous behavior, anything is achievable at this time. Additionally, factor in that Kims and Kanye mixed net worth is closing in on a thousand dollars, and to think they’d do whatever it will take to protect their prosperity. Remember, you heard it here. What you think: Mony Monn who looks in Kanye Wests released sextape or Is it Kim Kardashian?