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The Inspiration


Q & A with the Owners Warren “Bibber” and Jennie Bibbins:

What inspires your style of cuisine? 
Both of us grew up in New England, so a love of fresh seafood is something we share.  Family members joke that they eat more lobster when they come to visit us in Montana than at home.  When we opened Olive B’s it was important to us to provide fresh seafood to our diners. Bibber is also a classically trained chef, he attended the esteemed Culinary Institute in Hyde Park NY. We also both love international flavors, from Asian to Mediterranean, which influences a lot of our cuisine.

Why did you decide to start a restaurant in Big Sky:
Bibber has lived and been a chef in Big Sky for over 20 years.  Over the years he has become known for his work ethic and dedication to quality. Many of his beloved customers kept asking him when he was going to open his own place.  When the opportunity arose, we were crazy enough to take the plunge.

What started your passion for food/cooking?
Bibber grew up cooking with his Armenian grandmother who was a chef herself.  She instilled in him a love for spices and fresh produce. At the age of 14  he started his career in his cousin’s restaurant. From there he decided that in order to really advance in the field he needed to attend culinary school. He attended the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park NY.

Why is the family side of the business important?
We share a passion for food and cooking and also both grew up in our family’s restaurants.  We love working together- and our daughters are growing up in a restaurant now too.